Paying Your Utility Fees in Korea

Utility fees (Gas, Electricity and Water)

You will get the bill such as the image below every month. 
Please check your mailbox periodically and don’t forget to pay the utility fees.
Check the address, the amount you used and the due date for the payment.

How to pay

1. At bank
Visit any bank with the bill and show it to the teller.
That’s it! The teller will help you all the things.
※ Bank operation time: 9:00-16:00 only on week days.
※ If the bill is overdue, the late fee will be charged a bit. If you don’t pay the utility fee for three months, gas and electricity will be cut off. 

2. At convenience store
Go to the convenience store and show QR code on the bill to the staff.
If there isn’t QR code on the bill, you should pay it at the bank

The bill for Gas


The bill for Electricity

The bill for water fee