Real Estate Market in Korea

House type

Multifamily residential (다가구/다세대 주택)

In Korea, Multifamily residential is a classification of housing where multiple separate housing units for inhabitants are contained within one building (Generally less than 20 households).

Room type

Korean usage refers simply to the number of rooms within a residential unit with one-room indicating one bedroom and two-room for two.

1) One-room(One bedroom): Generally it is called flat or studio in English. Kitchen and bedroom are not separated. On average, its size is 15~30m2.

2) One-room with separated kitchen: Kitchen is separated with a bedroom.

3) Two-story flat(Duplex): An housing on more than one level with its own internal staircase is referred to as a Two-story flat. It is intended for single household and commonly its second floor has low ceiling.

4) Two-room(Two bedrooms): ​It has two bedrooms in a unit.

Multifamily residential


Two-story flat (Duplex)


Officetel (오피스텔)

In Korea, an officetel (A compound word of ‘office’ and ‘hotel’), is a multi-purpose building with residential and commercial units. This is a type of studio apartment or studio flat. (Typically more than 20 households) Basic furnishings are usually included with an officetel lease. It is mainly found downtown or around major transportation hubs. It is suitable for people who have high standards of security and cleanliness.

(Originally an officetel is designed to be a partially self-contained building, such that its occupants can live and work in the same building, minimizing commute time.)

Serviced residence (서비스드 레지던스)

A serviced residence is space for residential living which includes cleaning services and provides towels, linen and so on. They are intended to be self-contained apartments, often being an adjunct of a hotel. Serviced residents could enjoy the additional facilities such as house keeping, laundry, catering and other services if and when desired. (It may differ depending on service residents)

Shared house (쉐어 하우스)

People share common space such as toilet, kitchen and living room, but able to have private bedroom. It tends to be preferred by people who are sociable and want to save their rents as well.

Goshiwon (고시원)

Facilities provided in Goshiwon may not be as comfortable as other types. Rooms tend to be small, but the rents are significantly cheaper than most housing types. (Mostly no deposit and the rents start from 300,000won per month)

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