Bank Transfer using ATM in Korea

While you live in Korea, you will face many situations in which you are required to pay someone using bank transfer. If you are too busy to wait a long line in the bank, you can always use bank ATM to transfer the money. Since most ATMs in Korea have English version, please do not be afraid to stand in front of it.


  1. Transfer from your account to someone
    1. Go to Bank ATM (you might have to wait for your turn as there is also a line in front of ATMs)
    2. Click on English (so that you can have a clue what you are tapping on) and tap ‘Transfer’
    3. When you tap on ‘Transfer’, you will be asked to choose the receiving bank and then the account number
    4. Input the amount you want to send
    5. Press the PIN number
    6. After you have done all of above, you will see the screen with the recipient’s name, account number, bank, and the amount. If these informations are correct, you can finally confirm and agree to send it.
  2. Transfer to someone without a bank account

Even though you don’t have a bank account, you can still make bank transfers to someone. The process is as following:

  1. I don’t know why, but transfer without a bank account doesn’t provide English service. So let me translate the keywords from English to Korea
    1. 계좌 이체 : Transfer between accounts
    2. 무통장 입금(or 무통장 송금) : Transfer without bank account
  2. Since you are supposed not to have a bank account, press 무통장 입금 or 무통장 송금 (Transfer without bank account)
  3. Once you click 무통장 송금, you will see a screen with names of bank. Please choose the bank that you want to send the money to
  4. Then you will be asked to insert your social security number or alien registration number.
  5. Insert your contact number so that the recipient can identify who sent the money
  6. Enter recipient’s account number (you will see this Korean message : 수취인의 계좌번호를 누르신 후 확인 버튼을 눌러주세요)
  7. Insert cash
  8. At last, you will see the recipient’s name and account number, and the amount that will be transferred. If those informations are correct, you are good to press confirm and to send.