Exterminating molds in your house

While you live in Korea, you are going to experience the so-called “Korean Monsoon”. During the monsoon, usually from July to August, there is going to be a lot of raining, humidity; and along with humid and wet weather, the creation of mold starts inside your place! You should give special attention to mold, as fungi in a mold causes athlete’s foot, impetigo, and even odor. So let me give you some tips to prevent the mold from being formed next to your bed.

From “Delish”

1. Ventilation

Even during a monsoon, there is a short period of time when the sunlight comes into your place. Don’t miss this opportunity. As soon as you see the sunlight coming, please open the windows so that the sunlight can dry your house.

window ventilation
From “Swindow”

2. Salt

Calcium Chloride in salt takes a great role in removing wetness from your house. You can just place a box with full of salt in the corners of your house. The areas that are wetter than other areas such as kitchen or bathroom, can be the great targets. You can also ‘recycle’ those used salts after drying them in the sun. It is economic! 🙂

salt box
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  1. Turning on your heater

I am not telling you to turn on the heater for like a whole day in the middle of summer. But just turning on heaters for short period of time, maybe half an hour to an hour, helps to prevent the mold.


  1. Use a newspaper

A newspaper is one of the cheapest dehumidifiers. Put already-read newspapers inside the shoe-rack, wet shoes, or closet. A newspaper can eliminate both wetness and odor. ONE SHOT TWO KILL!

5. Light a candle

A candlelight is also good at eliminating wetness in your house. But this candlelight must be ventilated, so open the windows after use. It is also great when you try to create a relaxing atmosphere and even want to kill odors in your house!

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