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Dehumidifiers in Korea

Monsoon in Korea takes 60~70% of annual rainfall. It is usually from June to September, which is in the middle of summer. In other words, Korea’s summer is very hard to endure in the midst of extremely hot and wet weather. To overcome this high temperature and humid summer in Korea, it is important not only to drop the temperature by using AC or fan, but it is also worth to dehumidify the humid weather. With high humid weather, you will have various problems such as wet laundries or high discomfort index. Ok, so what is the solution for these? Yes, a dehumidifier. Because of hot and humid weather, dehumidifiers in Korea has relatively superb performances. So, let us find about what kind of dehumidifiers are famous and popular.

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We have two popular brands of humidifier. One is Winix, and the other is from LG. Winix takes about 50% of humidifier market in Korea, whereas LG takes about 20% of it. Basically, 70% of humidifier market is consist of Winix and LG; sales rankings from 1 to 7 are all either Winix or LG as well.


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As there has been increasing single households, ones that are with 8L or 10L of dehumidifying capacity (relatively small) are being popular. You can get those dehumidifiers from Hi-Mart, Samsung Digital Plaza, or LG Best Shop. However, the dehumidifiers in Samsung Digital Plaza and LG Best Shop are from their own brands so if you want to compare and contrast with various kinds of dehumidifiers, I recommend you to visit Hi-Mart where has many kinds of different brands. Or, of course, you can always online shop if you are not in hurry.


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