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Where and how to buy mosquito repellents in Korea

Even though you have done everything that I explained before, you are not 100% safe from mosquitoes. Once you get bite, you involuntarily scratch on these bites, and they get worse. Instead, once you get bite, you have to look for after bites. The most famous after bites product in Korea is Beomuli (버물리). Beomuli is a dauber top that puts on your bite. Since Beomuli is a OTC products, you can go to the pharmacy or convenience store to buy it. But how? You go to the pharmacy and ask them for mosquito after bites (any mosquito liniment, please / 바르는 모기약 주세요) and he/she will hand some product to you. Or you can easily say “Beomuli” (버물리 주세요).

From 미래한국


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