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Exterminating insects in Korea

As weather becomes hotter and wetter, you are about to see more and more insects around your place. In Korea, there are also various kinds of insects from mosquitoes to cockroach.

From Waterhouseexterminating.com, “http://www.waterhouseexterminating.com/”

What are the ways to prevent insects then?

  1. Choosing the right location for your house – Finding the right place for your accommodation can be first step in preventing from seeing insects. A neon-sign that attracts insects to gather, cafes and diners on the first floor that feed, and a park that shelters insects are the ones that you have to be away from. Most importantly, wet, humid, and shady spots are their favorites. So please avoid those environments!
  2. Clean surroundings – Do I ever need to explain this point? Clean environment is one of the things that those insects dislike at most. Please clean and wash the surrounding environment and dispose your food-waste bag on time so that insects can never come near you.
  3. Window screen and water drain hole on your window – There is a small and special hole on your window which is supposed to drain if it rains. Remember that various insects can move through those kinds of small holes around your house and eventually say hello in your face. Please re-arrange your window screen and close up all the holes that might be used for their movement route.


Ok, now you have done everything to prevent insects from coming to you. But if you see one, what should you do?


  1. Pour boiling water on drains – Many insects move and spawn eggs through the drains. The most effective way to eradicate those eggs and moving insects is to pour hot and boiling water on the drains. 
    From RepairDaily, “https://repairdaily.com/how-to-remove-sink-drain/”
  2. Insect spray – the most definite solution right here. You see an insect, you spray. Done
  3. Insect trap – It is impossible to exterminate every insects you see. In this case, you install a trap that has chemical attractants as bait to reduce population of insects
  4. Disinfection company – Use disinfection company for more professional eradication. The famous one in Korea is Cesco. An expert of disinfection visits and consults with you. This can be considered as final step to END this war.
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