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Summer without an AC?

How can you survive Korea’s summer If you don’t have an AC in your room, or hesitate to turn it on due to its expensive electricity fees? No worries, guys. There are always ways to cope : 1) not increasing the temperature of your room, and 2) make your room cool down. Let me explain in detail.


AC cost
From Air HVAC, “http://www.bayairhvac.com/air-conditioning/how-to-cut-air-conditioning-costs.php”


  1. Turn off all the unused electronics – Believe it or not, electronics is one of the things that affect the room temperature at most. Since electronics require some amount of exothermic exercise, the more electronics you use in your room, the higher temperature your room will be. Therefore, plug off all the unused electronics to avoid your room to be hot. Also, giving a space between electronic and a wall also helps to reduce the room temperature.
  2. Air circulation using a fan – During daytime, place your fan towards the ceiling so that air inside can be circulated. During night time, place your fan towards the window so that cool breeze can enter inside your room.
  3. Cooling-products – There are various kinds of ‘cooling-products’ including cool-mat and cooling-pack. Those can be useful when to overcome this stifling hot summer. 
    From Wallside Windows, “https://wallsidewindows.com/blog/no-ac-no-problem-tips-for-staying-cool-without-air-conditioning”
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